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Aniforte - GelenkVETAL-3

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  • Description
  • 100% natural product for animals, pure nature. For junior young and senior old, large and small dogs.

    To support the joint function, the locomotor system, more joy of movement.

    Improve & increase quality of life. Special formula, power of devil’s claw root, green lips and collagen – new quality of life for your pet.

    Our premium quality: Independently tested, Made in Germany, No animal testing, No unwanted additives, Preservatives, Free from colorants. Recommended by experienced animal health practitioners.

    In case of degenerative joint diseases (arthrosis) and inflammatory processes (arthritis) in the joints such as osteoarthritis, you should consult a vet. Feed can neither cure nor alleviate these diseases, which are manifested by pain, swelling and stiffness.


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