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From joint pains to weird poos, we want to know everything about your dog.

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Fill in our form and build the perfect meal plan for your pup. Our Wellness Advisors have your dog's best interests at heart.

Delivered To You Monthly

Each month we'll deliver all the dog food per the custom meal plan, complimented by a Feeding Guide with daily prep instructions.

Meal Plan re-Evaluations Included

We all change as we grow up and your dog is no exception. Every 3-5months we'll make sure that their meal plan is still the best suited one.


Nutrition First

Perfectly balanced custom meal plan that ensures the appropriate daily intake of nutrition!


Ensuring your pup has the right amount of protein in every bowl! Maintaining strong & healthy growth and most of all their happiness!

Proven Digestive Support

Every custom meal plan includes the appropriate supplements that compliment your pup's digestive system with a blend of prebiotic fibers & live probiotic bacteria that leads to a happy feeling belly.

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For all our Subscribers!

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Available across all of Malta and Gozo!

Woofy Guarantee


We guarantee your dog will love it! or we'll offer you a complete subscription refund.

Subscriber-Exclusive deals

You will gain access to extra discounts during your membership that are tailored to your dog's needs.

Breed Specific Content

We want to help provide you with as much information as we can, to support your understanding about your favourite dog such as their common habits, needs, tendencies and overall general information about caring for such a pet.

Yearly Donation Pool

With every subscription fee, you take part in a yearly donation that is given to a dog related service.

This is decided upon a distributed subscriber poll.


Have been ordering from Woofy Meals for a few months now and their service is such a welcome change: instant proactive replies, good advice. And they have a really good selection! It's truly a pleasure to work with a company like this.


Dedicated sellers and very responsive, answered all queries and concerns, and my dog loves the new food! Definitely recommend.


They created a custom meal plan filled with all the right foods to cater for my dog. It’s so true that diet can change your dogs mood and energy cos I’ve seen a major improvement in my Luna.


I found it hard to find the right food for my dog. Woofy Meals has given me various options so that I have finally found the right food for my dog, his coat looks beautiful and I have never seen such a happy dog. Thank you woofy meals!


After subscribing with Woofy Meals my dog doesn’t just look happier, but he’s also much more healthy and in better shape!


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