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Why Woofy Meals and what is it all about?

Why Woofy Meals and what is it all about?

From an outsider’s perspective, owning a dog might seem all fun and games. Sure, it might seem that having a canine companion by your side when you’re out for a walk makes for all kinds of spontaneous conversations and attention that would otherwise be missed out on.

Having a loving, excited wagging tail bound over towards the door to greet you upon your return sounds delightful. These things are indeed excellent, and they are all part of dog ownership, but they aren’t the whole story. The fact of the matter is that the daily ins and outs of caring for another creature don’t turn out to be as simple or as easy as you might have imagined. Without the proper research it can feel daunting or worrisome.

Woofy Meals understands this predicament, and believes that a serious commitment like caring for a canine should be better supported. We understand that you want to take on this commitment seriously and provide the best care possible for your dog, so that they can live the healthiest, happiest and longest dog life possible!

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With that said, let’s get to the meat and bones of how we can support you, THE PARENT while you continue to do a great job of taking care of your dog.

Firstly, our service’s main goal is to save your TIME and MONEY by providing you with the best feeding routine for your dog. You can rest assured that your dog’s nutritional needs are being met, and that you are making the right choices for your dog’s health.

Our daily lives these days are often stressful, tiring and our tasks can be time consuming. The more we can support ourselves through technology and automation the better, and by signing up for your dog’s meals to be delivered by us every month, you can first of all be sure that you’re making the right dietary choices for your dog…but also, you will never need to go out to buy dog food again! Bags are often large and heavy, especially when trying to stock up for a month’s supply. Home delivery makes this convenient and hassle free.

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We at Woofy Meals take account of all of this and more & this is how we get started:
  • We'll set your dog up with a custom meal plan! Your dog’s meal plan will be verified by qualified dog nutritionists, behaviorists and veterinarians; inclusive of re-evaluations of the active meal plan roughly every 3-5 months (depending on the dog)
  • We’ll deliver the contents of the custom meal plan every month! Never again will you find out you ran out of food and be faced with a mad dash to find a substitute. No more cumbersome trips to the store to get your own shopping done. Convenient home delivery. Delivery times and dates can be changed upon request.
  • All this saves you TIME & MONEY! You’ll no longer be at the mercy of standard set retail prices. With monthly restocking from us, this may translate to quite a substantial amount of money saved and could amount to an entire month's worth of dog food each year! Gain more time for you and your dog to spend time together by never needing to go shopping for dog food ever again.

    As we said before, the custom meal plan is inclusive of re-evaluations every 3 to 5 months, depending on your dog. We strive to keep your dog looking forward to dinner-time, feeling more satisfied and happier after licking each bowl clean!


    As we establish this partnership in caring for your dog, we would also like to take the opportunity to provide you with information and tips about your specific type of dog via our newsletter, with the intention to help you understand your dog and dog care more in depth and continue to strengthen your bond.

    There’s plenty more planned out behind the scenes to innovate the way dogs get looked after here on the Maltese Islands. Regardless of having a human parent or not, and every day, with your help & support, we together with you get closer and closer to bringing that to a reality!

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