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All there is to know about Woofy Meals' Custom Meal Plans!

All there is to know about Woofy Meals' Custom Meal Plans!

If you’re wondering what brand selection will be available to you for the custom meal plan, we currently work with the following:

*This is not necessarily an up-to-date representation since brands at our disposal change frequently.

If we do not currently work with the brands you know your dog LOVES, let us know and we’ll try our best to include it within our available selection. Contact Us

Each Woofy Meals Custom Meal Plan,

keep in mind the meal plan always depends on your dog specifically ,

but in the spirit of providing a general overview, it will include a selection of either Dry, Wet or Raw Food & Supplements to go with the meals. Ensuring the right Nutrition, Protein IntakeDigestive Support in every bowl.

Also included is a custom Feeding Guide that provides an explanation and guidance on how to start the day off preparing the food for the day. With every monthly delivery you will also receive information about other brands and their products as available options to you that are also in line with the Woofy Meals Custom Meal Plan your favourite pup is on, should you opt to make changes to your next delivery of dog food.

Also inclusive are the re-evaluations of the initial Woofy Meals Custom Meal Plan every 3-5 months, depending on the subject dog together with the provided recommended daily portion instructions.

If you are interested in including your dog food products with Woofy Meals, Contact Us here.

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