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by Petman
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  • Joint
  • PETMAN RAW JOINT BALANCE is a fresh food specially developed for dogs with joint wear.

    It contains increased amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation in the joints.

    In addition, this diet contains active ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which contain important building materials for joint cartilage.

    You can also feed healthy dogs with PETMAN RAW JOINT BALANCE.

    Beef meat product (lung, kidney, rumen, heart, liver) 34%, chicken meat product (muscle meat, carcass) 32%, salmon 8%, broccoli, rice, endive, dried. Beetroot, carrots, linseed oil, fish oil, dried Chicory, sep. Fodder beet, gelatine hydrolyzate, cellulose,
    minerals, fish cartilage powder, mussel concentrate, chondroitin sulfate.

    Analytical  constituents: protein 13.6%, fat content 10.1%, crude fiber / crude fiber
    1.9%, crude ash / crude ash 2.6%, moisture / moisture 65.6%, calcium 0, 50%,
    phosphorus / phosphorus 0.35%, omega-3 fatty acids / oméga-3 1.25%, EPA 0.21%,
    vitamin E 253 mg / kg.

  • Diet Duck
  • Free from beef, dairy and gluten-containing grains, common dog allergens

    Contains duck as the sole source of animal protein.

    A recent meta-analysis showed that duck appears to induce little to no hypersensitivity in dogs2 and can be considered a suitable hypoallergenic animal protein source.

    Extra fish oil, rich in EPA and DHA (1.1% on DS basis), and extra vitamin E are added to support healthy skin and coat and help reduce chronic inflammation.

    A mix of vegetables and prebiotic fiber supports healthy bowel function.

    The food is guaranteed to be free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

    Formulated to be safe for use with puppies of all breeds

    Composition: Duck meat product (muscle meat, carcasses, hearts, liver) 66.5%, rice, pumpkin, broccoli, sep. Chicory, fish oil, carrot, rapeseed oil, minerals

    Analytical constituents: protein 11.0%, fat content 10.4%, crude fiber / crude fiber
    1.5%, crude ash / crude ash 2.8%, moisture / moisture 65.3%, calcium 0, 59%, phosphorus / phosphorus 0.40%, EPA / DHA 0.26%.


  • Diet Insect
  • Formulated without beef, dairy and grains, common dog allergens.

    Contains buffalo worm as the sole source of animal protein.

    Since this protein source is not yet used in other animal feed, the chance of reaction is virtually excluded.

    Contains an extra low-fat content, which also makes it suitable for indications such as lymphangiectasia and hyperlipidemia.

    Formulated to be safe for use with puppies of all breeds.

    The food is guaranteed to be free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

    potatoes, buffalo larvae (“<mealworm”) 25%, potato protein , spinach, zucchini, pumpkin, sep. Chicory, sep. Parsnip, sep. Beetroot, linseed oil, rapeseed oil, minerals

    Analytical constituents: protein 12.7%, fat content 4.8%, crude fiber / crude fiber
    2.4%, crude ash / crude ash 2.3%, moisture / moisture 65.9%, calcium 0, 48%, phosphorus / phosphorus 0.37%, omega-3 fatty acids / omega-3 0.7%.


  • Diet Renal Balance
  • PETMAN RAW RENAL BALANCE is a fresh meat diet specially developed for dogs with chronic kidney failure.

    The low protein content prevents waste from building up.

    The reduced phosphorus content inhibits further deterioration in kidney function.

    Due to the high moisture content, the dog also absorbs liquid through the food.

    This has a beneficial effect on the body’s fluid balance and kidney function.

    The feed is rich in tasty rumen, which means that it is widely accepted.

    Beef meat product (rumen, kidney) 31%, chicken meat product (muscle meat, skin) 11%, duck meat product (carcass, skin) 10.5%, potato, spinach, apple, rice, sep. Carrot, peas, sep. Red beets, fish oil, sep. Chicory, red currant, dried Fodder beet, minerals.

    Analytical Constituents: Energie / Energy 7900 kJ / kg (1888 kcal / kg), protein 8.1%, fat content / fat content 12.3%, crude fiber / crude fiber 2.2%, crude ash 1, 9%, moisture 62.3%, calcium 0.30%, phosphorus / phosphorus 0.21%, sodium / sodium 0.08%, potassium / potassium 0.26%, EPA / DHA 0.35%.


  • Diet Urinary
  • PETMAN RAW URINARY BALANCE is a fresh meat diet specially developed for dogs to dissolve existing urinary stones and prevent the formation of new crystals.

    Due to the special composition of the food, there is a low acid content in the urine, which can dissolve crystals and stones.

    The low content of phosphorus and magnesium prevents new formation.

    In addition, the dog also absorbs water because of the high moisture content.

    This has a beneficial effect on urine production and reduces the strong urine concentration.


    Beef meat product (rumen, lung, kidney, heart) 46%, chicken meat 22%, rice,
    potato, duck meat product (carcass) 3%, apple, sep. Carrot, peas, potato protein , beef tallow, sunflower oil, fish oil, sep. Chicory, red currant, spinach, minerals.

    Analytical constituents:

    protein 11.8%, fat content 11.2%, crude fiber / crude fiber 1.3%, crude ash / crude ash 1.8%, moisture / moisture 63.8%, calcium 0, 26%, Phosphorus / Phosphorus 0.22%, Sodium / Sodium 0.11%, Magnesium 0.029%, Potassium / Potassium 0.25%, Chloride 0.10%, Sulfur / Sulfur 0.14%.



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