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Dibaq - Sense Supplements Selection

by Dibaq
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  • Salmon Oil
  • Natural raw material used as a dietary supplement of any dog breed. It stimulates natural defences and improves brain function. Format: 300 ml.

    If you need a food that has an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthen the vascular system and improve brain activity, Dibaq Sense Salmon oil has a great positive effect on your pet.Their essential Omega-3 fatty acids not only help your pet, but they have a positive effect on reproduction and increase immunity.In addition, your pet will have a better peeling, greater concentration and more performance.

    COMPOSITION: Norwegian salmon oil pressed in cold (EPA + DHA 7%, Omega-3 14%, Omega-6 14%).It is a source of high-quality Omega-3 fatty acids: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

    THE ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: Gross fat is 99.5%.


  • Healthy Coat & Skin
  • Natural food supplement to supply alongside adult dog food, which provides a shiny coat thanks to its content of biotin and organic zinc. Size 160 g. Your dog will be healthy and happy.

    Dibaq Sense Skin and Skin it contains multiple vitamins and ingredients, such as zinc, beneficial for your pet’s hair and skin. It also favors the immune system and improves the overall state of the body. All this makes it a suitable product for those moments of mud because it stimulates the colour and brightness of the pelage.

    COMPOSITION: Dehydrated bird leaves, bird and visceras, hydrolized bird leaves, calcium carbonate, inactivated leaves Saccharomyces cerevisiae and magnesium oxide.

    THE ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: Raw protein 38%, raw fat 7.5%, raw fiber 4.9%, inorganic matter 21.5%.

    CONTAINED IN ADDITIVES IN 1 KG: Nutritional additives: Oligoelements: Copper 210 mg (such as copper chelate and n-hydrated amino acids), manganese 63 mg (such as manganese chelate and n-hydrated amino acids), zinc 1 013 mg (such as zinc chelate and n-hydrated amino acids).Vitamins are vit.And 450 mg, vit.B1 110 mg, vit.B2 225 mg, vit.B6 180 mg and vit.B12 380 μg, vit.C 11 100 mg, niacin 1 600 mg, biotin 1 000 mg.


  • Joint & Mobility
  • Natural supplement for adult dogs and for older dogs, which improves mobility by relieving joint problems. Format 200 g.

    This anti-inflammatory supplement prevents the deterioration of the musculoskeletal system as it is formulated with bioactive collagen peptides and boswellia, making it a perfect product to supply with the meals of any older dog or with muscle problems.

    COMPOSITION: Peptides of collagen, bird and hydrolized bird visceras, glucosamine 13%, hydrolized collagen, condroitin sulfate 5,5%, methylsulfonilmetane 5,2%, shark cartilage, seafood (calcificated), hyaluronic acid 0,8%, Boswellia serrata extract 0,5%.

    THE ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: 72% raw protein, 1.2%, 0.1% raw fiber, 0.9% inorganic matter.


  • Multivitamin & Barf Diets
  • Complementary food for adult dogs: multivitamins that allows to develop balanced diets in vitamins and minerals. Format 260 g

    Both to mix with your usual and individual food, this product contains calcium, sodium and magnesium that will help keep your pet strong and healthy, whether adult or older.

    COMPOSITION: Bicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium dihydrogenated phosphate, magnesium hydrogenated phosphate, hydrolized bird bird birds and visceras, Chorella algae 2%, beer dried 1.5%.

    THE ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: Calcium 19.5%, sodium 2.6%, phosphorus 10.2%, magnesium 2.7%.

    CONTAINED IN ADDITIVES IN 1 KG: Nutritional additives: Oligoelements: Copper 196 mg (such as copper chelate and n-hydrated amino acids), zinc 1 526 mg (such as zinc chelate and n-hydrated amino acids), manganese 186 mg (such as manganese chelate and n-hydrated amino acids), iodine 25 mg (such as anhydro calcium iodine), selenium 7 mg (such as organic selenium produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R397).Vitamins are vit.A 406 722 UI, vit.D3 40 000 IU, vit.E (RRR-alfa-tocoferol) 2 002 mg, ascorbic acid 998 mg, vit.B1 140 mg, vit B2 200 mg, vit B6 137 mg, vit B12 751 μg, choline chloride 10 841 mg, biotine 0,23 mg, calcium pantotenate 501 mg, folic acid 30 mg, niacinamide 997 mg, L-carnitine 5 000 mg.


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