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  • Petvital® Derm-Caps
  • PETVITAL®DERM-CAPS to activate the skin and coat metabolism with evening primrose oil as a particularly active fatty acid with a high content of linoleic and linolenic acid, supplemented with fish oil, biotin and zinc.

    A deficiency in essential fatty acids is possible in and after the following situations: during growth during the suckling period (lactation) in old age in case of stress / increased performance (e.g. heat, pregnancy, training) in the change of fur in diabetes, cortisone treatment, after operations and much more.

    A deficiency is also characterized, for example, by rough, dry hair, increased earwax formation, delayed wound healing, growth disorders. Here we recommend PETVITAL® DERM-CAPS. Also available as a liquid (PETVITAL® DERM-LIQUID).

    Content: 40 g (approx. 100 capsules)

    Composition / ingredients / additives:

    Composition: evening primrose oil, fish oil

    Ingredients: crude protein 22.2%, fat content 65.1%, crude ash 2.3%, linoleic acid 37.0%, omega-3 fatty acids 2.3%, omega-6 fatty acids 42.0%, omega-9 fatty acids 4.6%,

    Nutritional additives per capsule: zinc as zinc sulfate monohydrate 0.3 mg, vitamin A 280 IU, calcium D-pantothenate 2.0 mg, biotin 10.0 mcg

    Feeding recommendation per animal and day: problem cases: Dog: 1 capsule per 10 kg body weight for 2 weeks Cat: 1 capsule per animal over 2 weeks Preventive: 2 times a week at the same dosage Administer directly into the mouth or with the feed. The indicated feeding recommendation must not be exceeded.



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