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  • Petvital® Biotin-Tabs
  • PETVITAL® BIOTIN-TABS contain a very high proportion of vitamin H (biotin), which has a specific effect on hair growth and hair pigments. PETVITAL® BIOTIN-TABS have been specially developed for spoiled animals and are characterized by a very high level of taste acceptance.

    Specific nutritional supplement to promote a healthy coat and strong claws.

    for shiny, thick hair for strong pigments for firm, strong claws

    Contents: - 100g (about 50 tablets) - 1,000g (about 500 tablets)

    Composition / additives:

    Composition: dextrose, rice semolina

    Nutritional additives per kg: 1,000,000mcg biotin, 350mg vitamin B₂, 1,750mg nicotinic acid, 8,060mg choline chloride

    Feeding recommendation per animal and day: Dogs: 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight once a day cats: 1x daily 1 tablet as a cure over 8 weeks

    If skin and hair problems have already occurred, the dosage should be doubled.



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