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  • The highest quality ingredients are the key to the health and well-being of your pet. The Natural & Healthy line has been developed in a way that includes delicious complete pet food for daily feeding of even the most demanding and picky dogs.

    Delicious complete pet food for daily feeding of adult dogs, in the form of delicate pâté with beef and rice. Composed of natural ingredients that give it a great aroma, it appeals to the most demanding and picky pet. The formula developed by vets and nutritionists contains only the highest quality ingredients as well as carefully selected vitamins and minerals dogs need to help your four-legged friend enjoy good health and energy for many years. 

    • Complete pet food containing all the ingredients your pet needs.
    • With vitamin A, necessary for proper functioning of the digestive tract and organ of sight.
    • No artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers.
    • Wheat gluten free.
    • With the addition of the most crucial minerals.

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