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  • Baby Milk Probiotic

    Puppy milk with probiotics for rearing puppies from birth.

    Sometimes puppies don’t receive sufficient milk from their mother in the first weeks, or she isn’t able to feed them at all. To give your puppies enough vital nutrients, we developed our specially customized Puppy Milk. Ideal for young puppies’ sensitive digestive systems and featuring low lactose content (max. 25%) and special probiotics to stabilise the intestine. As well as calcium for the healthy development of bones, joints and ligaments, Happy Dog Baby Milk Probiotic contains all the essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements in the right quantities for puppies in their first days and weeks of life.

    The puppy milk is also easily dissolvable and well-tolerated.

    Analytical constituents

    Crude protein 30%, crude fat 30%, crude fibre 0.6%, crude ash 6%, calcium 1%, phosphorous 0.8%, potassium 1%, sodium 0.5%, magnesium 0.2%, L-lysine 1.1%, DL-methionine 0.6%, L- Cystine 0.2%, L-tryptophan 0.3%, unsaturated fatty acids 1.2%, omega-6 fatty acids 0.9%


    Whey fat powder, soya protein concentrate, gelatine, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, powdered egg, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride.

    Metabolisable energy: 1975 KJ/100g; 4720 Kcal/kg


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