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Aniforte - Vermin-EX Spray

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  • Description
  • Ideal combination: from our bed hygiene spray and Ecto Clean Parasiten EX the new Vermin EX spray – with an improved formula against insects, mites, fleas, lice etc.

    Ambient spray for prevention and acute infestation.

    Highly effective replenish: vermin spray based on essential oils with geraniol – for thorough cleaning of all care and problem areas – for both human and animal environments.

    Instant and long-lasting effect: for the home and in your own home – whether for fabric, carpet, textile, mattress, dog basket, cat, dog bed or even bedding – our product is versatile.

    Supported: finally annoying pests, parasites, bugs, insects, mites and hair lings get rid of – by fighting pests, our spray can prevent skin problems.

    Developed by experts: our products are always developed by expert veterinarians and experienced veterinary practitioners and tailored to the unique needs of your pet.

    Contents - 500ml


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