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Aniforte - Senior Active Dog Supplements

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  • Description
  • Strength of nature: pure natural premium supplement to seniors food – for dogs of older age or older dogs. Sophisticated combination for optimal supply with rose hip, barley grass, dandelion, ginkgo, hawthorn, milk thistle, ginseng, minerals, ginger, green-lipped mussel powder, vital substances and vitamins.

    • Supports: our supplementary feed can lead to the maintenance of vitality and agility in age – support temporary deficiencies in the movement and the immune system. But also as a support for grooming, it can lead to a vital and healthy appearance.

    • Especially for: dogs of seniors can show different signs of ageing, and they have a different nutrient needs. Our natural product provides your pet with important nutrients – adapted to the nutritional needs of age.

    • Easy dosage and high acceptance: simply mix the powder under the daily food – dogs per 10 kg: 1 g daily – high acceptance due to its taste and odour.

    • Developed by experts: our products are developed by veterinary practitioners, nutritional experts and veterinarians to support health and well-being – Made in Germany.

    Contents - 250g


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