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Anitforte - Rose Hip Powder Rich in Vitamin C

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  • Description
  • 100% HAFEBUTTEN – Premium quality: ground rose hips (pink canina). Ideal ratio of seeds, fruit and flowers. Compare our powder with the conventional cheap yellow powder.

    GALACTOLIPIDE FOR THE JOINTS: An active ingredient in the rose hip is the galactolipid.

    Various scientific studies have shown a positive influence of this active ingredient in joint pain and joint mobility.

    Strengthens immune system: the vitamin C contained in the ground rose hip and other secondary plant substances strengthen the immune system.

    Species-appropriate supplement: the rose hip powder is an optimal feed for every meal and also ideal for barfing – for junior, adult and recommended for senior dogs and cats.

    Developed by experts: our products are always developed by expert veterinarians and experienced veterinary practitioners and tailored to the unique needs of your pet.

    Contents - 500g


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