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Aniforte - Immune Active

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  • Description
  • The power of nature: 100% made from natural herbs. Our high-quality herbal mix consists of barley grass, rose hip, brewer’s yeast, sun hat root, spirulina, dairy thistle and propolis. Promotes your pet’s overall health

    Rich in nutrients: Minerals, vitamins and trace elements for the body’s own defences. Barley grass, rose hips, brewer’s yeast and spirulina bring back energy and joy. Supports vitality.

    Nutrient support for reduced stress: Various factors from the environment such as stress, unbalanced diet, toxins, age and disease, as well as intensive stress or physical causes may require an increased need for nutrients to maintain vitality.

    Immune system: Immune active can support the immune system of the animal in a completely natural way. The carefully selected herbal formula can promote the body’s defenses in the event of a nutritional lack of nutrients.

    DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS & MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY: Our products are always developed by expert veterinarians and experienced veterinary practitioners.

    Manufactured to the highest quality standards. Independently tested, Without artificial additives, Strictly against animal testing.

    Contents - 250g


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