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Aniforte - Disinfection Spray

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  • Description
  • Highly effective: highly effective surface disinfectant on a water-soluble basis – works against bacteria (including TBC), viruses, fungi, germs, giardia and spores – for quick disinfection of surfaces and surroundings.

    Universal: our ambient spray is versatile – hygienic spray on surfaces, objects, door handles, workplaces etc. – non-material damaging – also for surfaces that come into contact with food – exactly where you need it.

    Skin-friendly: our hygiene product is skin-friendly compared to other disinfectant solutions. The powder is mixed with water and can be used immediately to contain bacteria and virus spreads – can also be used as a hygienic cleaner, cleans & disinfects

    Easy to use and very economical: simply fill spray bottle up to the neck of the bottle with water – easy dosage and ready to use. Safe effectiveness thanks to chloramine T for cleaning and disinfecting all washable surfaces.

    Environmentally friendly: the disinfectant is biodegradable and therefore ideal for disinfection. The special mode of action makes it impossible for micro-organisms to form resistance

    Contents - 750ml