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Aniforte - Coconut Oil

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  • Description
  • First class organic quality from 1st cold pressing and controlled organic cultivation. Virgin coconut oil.

    Natural product for animals. Gently cold pressed from fresh coconuts. High content of lauric acid, without chemical or synthetic additives.

    For soft and smooth skin, shiny coat and a pleasant smell. Recommended by pet owners as tick protection, coat care, food supplement. Coconut oil liquid can be used against ticks, mites, mosquitoes and fleas. Coconut oil for dogs, cats and horses for coat care, paw care or as a barefoot supplement.

    Coconut oil in a practical screw-on glass without chemicals and without industrial processing. Not deodorized, refined, hardened or bleached.

    Our products are always developed by expert veterinarians and experienced animal health practitioners and are tailored to the unique needs of your pet. For junior young (young dogs) and senior old (senior citizens), large and small dogs.

    Contents - 1kg


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