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Aniforte - Coat & Skin

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    ANIFORTE® PLUS FUR & SKIN is a special diet supplement feed for dogs. Diet feed is feed for the special nutritional purpose of animals in the event of health disorders, malnutrition or temporary deficiency symptoms. They also support the change in diet after illnesses to stabilize the health of your favorite.

    ANIFORTE® PLUS FUR & SKIN has been specially developed to support the skin function in the case of dermatosis and excessive hair loss. Its special composition makes it the ideal supplement to regulate your dogs skin and coat health.

    • May be supportive of the treatment of coat and skin conditions (e.g., dermatosis) in dogs
    • May help improve the appearance of the skin and fur
    • Can help improve the condition of the skin and coat

    ANIFORTE® PLUS FUR & SKIN contains the high-quality nutrient COMPLEX to keep your dogs skin and coat healthy. Made from natural ingredients of ground yeast, high-quality fish oil and pure spirulina powder, it is also supplemented with the valuable methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

    With advancing age, malnutrition and intolerance, the coat and skin of your favorite can become brittle and dull. Dull fur is also often associated with serious skin diseases (dermatoses). Dermatoses are inflammatory skin diseases that can develop different symptoms depending on their severity – from dull or discolored fur to itching to swelling and / or cornification of the skin.

    The ingredients contained in ANIFORTE® PLUS FUR & SKIN are proven for the care of sensitive dog fur and the skin. The essential omega-3 fatty acids from fish can help regenerate the skin and support wound healing. Zinc can improve the condition of the coat and make it shine, while biotin can stimulate hair growth. The addition of the sulfur-containing MSM can improve the overall appearance of the skin and fur on your four-legged friend.

    ANIFORTE® PLUS FUR & SKIN is particularly rich in natural zinc and biotin. Polyunsaturated fatty acids from high-quality fish oil and the useful addition to MSM are other high-quality ingredients of our newly developed product for a shiny coat and vital skin of your animal.

    Our ANIFORTE® products are developed in close cooperation with alternative practitioners, dermatologists, nutrition EXPERTS and veterinarians to support the optimal development of your animal. A high level of acceptance due to the particularly tasty smell and taste round OFF ANIFORTE® PLUS FUR & SKIN

    Contents - 90 tablets