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Aniforte - Care Wipes for Dogs

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  • Description
  • Universally usable: Premium wiping cloths with aloe vera and ProVitamin E gently care for paws, skin, snout, fur and sensitive dog poos. Clean, refresh, calm and care for your dog and keep your environment clean.

    Biodegradable XXL cloths: Wet wipes for dogs with a cloth size of 20 cm x 26 cm. Perfect for small and large four-legged friends, as well as large muddy paws. Versatile, effective against dirt and unpleasant smell. Removes dirt, dandruff and odours without rinsing

    Comfortable cleaning with fresh scent: Saver pack with moisture protection flap to maintain quality. Always have fresh cloths for your dog. The particularly tear-resistant wet wipes are practical and easy to use at home and on the go.

    Hypoallergenic: Dog care wipes without perfume, free from dyes and parabens. Strictly against animal testing and without unwanted additives.

    Developed by experts: Our products are developed by nutrition experts and veterinarians, independently tested, strictly against animal testing.

    Contents - 100pcs


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