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Aniforte - Bladder Formula Powder

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  • Description
  • The high-quality and natural powder is a complementary feed consists of pumpkin seed flour, yarrow and other herbs. The carefully selected formula supports bladder function in dogs with bladder weakness and the immune system in a natural way.


    • Supports normal bladder function
    • Contributes to a normal immune system
    • For bladder weakness in dogs


    AniForte Bladder Formula is a purely natural product based on important raw materials to support the immune system and bladder function of your dog. In addition, the natural product has a positive effect on the normal function of the prostate in male dogs. Sensitive dogs who refuse to eat due to indisposition can be animated with the digestive and appetite-stimulating properties of yarrow.

    Completely without synthetic additives, the AniForte Bladder Formula is a high-quality supplementary feed of the highest quality. The sensibly combined herbs are a proven feed supplement with a long tradition and provide your four-legged friend with important nutrients for his or her needs.

    Contents - 100g


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