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  • Wipes
  • Hygienic wipes have been created for the daily care of your favorite legged friends. They have an effective deodorant, cleansing and detergent action. Wipes soaked in a perfumed, alcohol-free solution, they gentle clean and refresh your pet. It is available in few different scent,

    (Blue - Talco) , (Fuchsia - Passion) , (Green- Clorexidina) ,(Pink- Fresh Water) , (Turquoise – Muschio Bianca) and (Yellow - Aloe)

    so that your pet’s coat always stays soft and shiny. The benefits of it are many, including the ability to strengthen and moisturize the hair and accelerate the renewal of the epidermis. Available with 40pcs.


  • Ear Wipes
  • Soft disposable wipes for ear hygiene of dogs and cats, formulated with ingredients of natural origin.

    Gently remove wax and odors, taking care of your pet’s ear health.

    Petshine wipes, in resistant fabric, are formulated with Tea Tree oil known for its healing properties, moistened with a moisturizing, emollient and protective agent, which respects the natural pH, indicated for cleaning ears and ears of dogs and cats.

    At the end of the day or after a walk in the park, in order to prevent the wax and dirt from accumulating and then becoming a more serious problem, wipes are the ideal solution.

    The unique combination of oils helps to protect the delicate hydrolipidic and microbial balance of the skin in the ear area. Indispensable in all cases where there is a need for an accurate and gentle cleaning of the ear area.

    Clean the ear, using the Petshine ear / ear cleaning wipe, gently in the ear area to clean and remove any secretions and dirt.

    Use a towel for each ear. Available with 15pcs.


  • Eye Wipes
  • These wipes are ideal for hygiene and cleaning of the eye area of your pet. Use them to eliminate excess tears, avoiding the formation of spots and possible tear infections.
    The sanitizing wipes are delicately perfumed thanks to the chamomile contained in them.

    In addition to the pleasant fragrance, chamomile also has an emollient and soothing function. With dog wipes you can keep your pet always clean and sanitized!
    Antibacterial wipes are paraben-free, totally hypoallergenic.

    The cleaning wipes are soaked in an alcohol-free perfumed solution, which gently cleans your pet. Available with 15pcs.


  • Travel Wipes
  • Use them to clean their paws and gently cleanse his coat. The sanitizing wipes are perfumed and deodorant, leaving a delicate scent on the hair of your animal friend thanks to the pleasant powdery fragrance.

    With the pet wipes you can have your pet always clean and refreshed!

    The cleaning wipes are soaked in an alcohol-free perfumed solution, which gently cleans your pet. Available with 15pcs.


  • Glove Wipes
  • Petshine Glove is a disposable, damp cloth glove, formulated for cleaning and hygiene of your pet. Wash, refresh and shine.

    In winter, when it is more difficult to bathe your pet, or whenever bathing with water is not possible, petshine cloth-glove may be the best solution.


    • Petshine glove is soaked with a delicate detergent without foam that does not need to be rinsed.
    • The fabric is thick and the amount of detergent allows cleaning even large pets.
    • It can and should be used regularly, in your pet's hygiene, thanks to its moisturizing properties.
    • Petshine glove keeps your pet's fur clean and perfumed, protecting it and giving it shine, without changing its pH.
    • The inner film of the glove keeps the hand dry and clean.
    • Excellent to take with you everywhere and to be able to clean whenever necessary, walks on the beach, in the countryside. To take on a trip, on vacation.
    • Very practical and easy to use.

    Directions for use:

    Remove the glove, insert your hand and rub vigorously. Do also against the hair.

    Use only on pets, do not use on wounds.

    (Blue - Talco) , (Fuchsia - Passion) , (Green - Clorexidina) ,( Pink - Fresh Water) , (Turquoise – Muschio Bianca) & ( Yellow - Aloe)